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Actually I've been working in my new role for almost one year, but now it is more official to tell everybody that I am now no longer a QA engineer but a specialised monitoring engineer. Working in this field is my favourite, all the time. Remember back my time in the university, I had so many experience with my professor doing monitoring work. When I graduated, I also looked for job in this field, but there was no chance back then. Cause the job is so so so specialised and there are (even until now) not many companies offer this position. After one and half year working as a QA engineer, I took the chance (actually I asked for a chance with it) and now I am working in a completely new field but with so many things to learn and so much room to grow.

The QA job taught me many things. It gave me the over view of things going, the process-based approach and much more. For sure these experiences will help me a lot in my future career.

Love this life and how it goes.

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