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Now I am working as a monitoring specialist. Sound fancy enuff.

Some how, I've been switching from position to position since I started working here. Sometimes, I worked as a secretary for my Project manager, other times as a site engineer, and now I am working as a bridge monitoring specialist. The title "QA engineer" is only valid on paper. Personally I can say, I am now an overall general engineer.

I've never had time to sit back and review drawings like a site engineer should do, my bosses always threw me down into a mess of stuff and it was like "hey man, just do it this, just do it that". I've involved in so many fields, from management, technical stuff to contractual stuff. Sometimes, I felt that I would go no where with this, cause I thought, there're nothing to learn in those things. But then again, I talked to my self "my man, you are not that into technical things, you only want to know about the general concept of how to make a bridge, the general concept of how to run a project, and the general concept of how to deal with so many parties at once" and I think what I am having here are not half bad.

I really don't think I could switch to management position in VSL after this project but I do think all of things I am doing here will help me a lot, in my future life, in my own career, not only for VSL but my OWN career.

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