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I have never felt like this before. The feeling of being so small. So so small that make you feel like you don't even exist any more. All my plans did not work. In the end, things all got well, thanks to my bosses who was visiting me at that time. They step in and take control of things for me.

IMG_0907In my career with VSL, I have never faced a big failure like this. All of tasks, let's say most of tasks were carried out successfully. That makes me think I am some kind of superman, who can do anything he wants. At the end of the day, I am only Phuong, who also need to eat and sleep, and obviously he cannot do everything.

Anyway, no one can success without some failure. The most important thing is you can learn something out of your failure and make it better.

See you later when I finish all of this.


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  1. PM says:

    let’s take it as your life’s lesson that you have to learn, my love. for my opinion, its not bad at all. you know more about yourself, your ability, your endurance and your limit so you can make things done completely and successfully after this lesson.
    Aja…fighting my love… are going to make it done well…:*
    #miss you so much #

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