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So, I've got promoted to a new position, a PM. Now MP is a PM. However he also loves another PM, his parents are a PM couple too. Is it funny. Now I have one more reason to tattoo these two letter P and M onto my body.

Enough kidding. Ok guys, I would like to tell you officially that I am now a Project Manager. Just a little project, let's say, a very tinny one. The resources are also very limited. But I've been working for VSL just less than two years and I personally want to acknowledge this promotion as one of my small achievement.

Two first days being a PM were quite busy. Tons of mails to read and answer, tons of papers to fill in and sign. Today even having my night time at the gym was just so luxurious to me. Challenges are ahead. I accepted the challenges so now it is my time to fight. Let's wait to see the outcome.

I am not walking on the cloud really. I always have my balance well maintained. Maybe after the project I will come back as a technical supporter (ok, they want to call me a specialist, but that's not cool with me) for other monitoring projects or learn some thing new and move to another field.

Life to me is all about experience changes in your life. Let's roll.

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