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My colleague said to me that I am still acting like a child. He also said that when he was at my age, he was a lot more mature. And then I answered him, that's just each one's life style. Really I do think so. I don't think I am childless, I do think I am mature enough. I'm mature in how I work, how I take responsibility with my life, my wife to be and my family. But at the same time, I do want to live like how I am now. Free and youthful.

I see people struggle to get a better life by earning as much money as possible, and I see most of them in the end try to get back to a peaceful life, open mind and good entertain. I am now having all these above, then why need to struggle and forget them? the only one thing that I am not having now is money (actually I do have), but to earn around 800$ each month is not haft bad, not to mention that now the economy is down, and not to mention that I am now starting to get recognition from colleagues and seniors, I am sure I have a lot potential to grow so I don't worry about money much.

If you ever stand one stage singing, you will never forget how it feels, really. I remember the first time I sang on stage, before roughly 200 people. At first, my face felt so hot, but when they turned on the music, I almost lost my mind. I did forget my self and let the music blown me away back then. After that, I've never experienced the same feeling again ( they say you only virgin once, right?), but I love how it feels on stage, how people clap their hands for you, how people sing along with you, how people remember your lyrics. Not many of my colleague know that feeling. If they ever feel it, personally I think they will understand why I am living the way I am now.

I want to be forever young. Even when I grow old and grey. I still want to live like today. I still want to have a home studio in my house even when I have 3 kids already. I still want to perform my songs to my people. Forever young. You only live once, live it worthily.

Much love to my lil homies, all of y'all, even I don't know all of your name, but deep in my heart, I've called you homies for a long time.

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